Welcome to CRL Surveys

CRL Surveys are independent specialist Building Pathologists undertaking the Inspection, Assessment and Structural Investigation of buildings and structures both in the UK, where we have six regional offices and overseas.

A thorough Inspection, Assessment/  Structural Investigation should be considered as risk mitigation, e.g. mitigating the risks of dilapidations developing into defects /unknowns developing into extra overs during repair and refurbishment projects.  With the former we can assist you with maintaining your structures in safe, operational condition, whilst gathering the data needed to prioritise timely maintenance and for the latter we can assist you take budgetary control, minimising the risks of costly overruns.

Our core activities are UKAS Accredited which gives Customers assurance that we are competent and helps demonstrate our commitments to both quality of service and mitigation of your risk.  In the following pages our UKAS Accredited activities are indicated by the UKAS Logo.  We are only UKAS Accredited for these activities.  If in doubt please refer to our Schedule of Accreditation at www.ukas.com (under Laboratory Reference 2728). 

Note: Transfer of Accreditation:-  We were originally Accredited in 2012 under Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL Surveys), the Survey Department / Survey Division of Concrete Repairs Limited.  The Survey Department / Survey Division of Concrete Repairs Limited is now CRL Surveys Limited, a separate, private limited company and the UKAS Accreditation, under UKAS Laboratory Ref.:  2728 has been transferred accordingly.  CRL Surveys Limited accepts all liabilities resulting from the UKAS accredited activities of Concrete Repairs Limited (CRL Surveys), the Survey Department / Survey Division of Concrete Repairs Limited.

We can offer an independent service, or through our sister companies within the Centura Group, an asset maintenance business including specialist refurbishment contracting and structural consulting expertise, a one-stop-shop for all of your maintenance, repair and refurbishment needs.